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Magdalena Shemayev, LMBT, CPT

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer

For the Sports enthusiast, scientific mind, or anyone with special sensitivities –  Magdalena Shemayev, also a Certified Personal Trainer, has a strong background in science, physiology, and many medical conditions, as she has done much Magdalena Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapistwork in health related fields.  She excels with all sensitive needs, utilizes various unique techniques, and works well with all kinds of individuals across all spectrums of needs.  She has many faithful regulars who miss her when she is away! Magdalena maintains a quiet and calming environment during her sessions and is also open to discussion during the session if it is initiated by the client.

She chose massage therapy after a long period of frustration and abrupt life changes when she realized that math and science, while important, weren’t representative of how she wanted to be helping people.  She loves that massage offers an opportunity to help everyone, especially after seeing so many people either fight with their bodies or fight feeling into their bodies due to pain, past traumas, or simply being busy.

Magdalena likes to say, “Everyone has a body, and everyone’s body could use a little more self-care and self-love.” Magdalena does great work with sports massage, headaches/migraines and TMJD – she has studied both conditions and seen some great results from her work.  Don’t miss her article on migraines in our Articles link.

Magdalena loves to use point work in her sessions (both trigger point therapy and acupressure points).  She also incorporates myofascial techniques, including holding and skin rolling to loosen the fascia and give the body room to remember how to move again.  Magdalena has a special interest in treating chronic headache conditions.  Her goal in any session is to give the body and mind a safe space to find itself again, to facilitate relaxation and healing.  Magdalena believes the body knows what it’s doing; it merely needs a safe and nurturing environment to experience healing with a qualified therapist.  Magdalena enjoys knitting and belly dance.  You might see her teaching a knitting class at The Sow’s Ear in Verona or taking a belly dance class at Dance Life Madison!

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