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Cy Mattice, LMBT

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist 

Pronouns: They/Them/Cy

Cy (pronounced Ky) originally began their career in a chiropractic office and then moved on to be an independent contractor at an Acupuncture clinic . Cy’s clients describe their massage as a conscientious smooth flow, with considerate painless relief and attentiveness. Myofascial techniques and addressing attachment points are effective approaches Cy likes to incorporate within a relaxing Swedish massage. Working with synergistic and antagonist pairs is also something Cy has found effective for their clients. Cy especially enjoys bringing awareness to progress and co-creating an individualized wellness plan with each client . Cy thinks very analytically in search for reasoning, while balanced with a creative mind, open to new unexpected paths of healing. Cy’s practice lies strongest on the foundation of client communication.

Cy’s passion is to provide a strong, nurturing, and supportive space through the unique and potentially difficult variances of the trans and gender expansive experience. Cy’s personal understanding provides a unique therapeutic path for healing from internalized transphobia, gender dysphoria and medical discrimination.


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