Let’s talk about Reiki

Several months ago, I shared with readers how Reiki is helping my chronic pain – it was the beginning of my journey with chakra stones energy servicesthat particular method of emotional and spiritual healing.  I recapped my history with lingering chronic pain and shared how Reiki was helping to release another layer, and how wonderful it felt!  I promised an update when I felt my journey was complete, and though I can’t know with certainty if completeness has occurred, I do feel enough changes have occurred to provide that update.

What exactly is Reiki?  I find a whole lot of people have no idea.  It is spiritual; it works with the energetic forces in our bodies similar to acupressure and acupuncture, and it helps release and resolve areas that get “stuck” with various baggage we’ve been carrying around from old injuries, traumas, and stressors.  Stuckness creates an environment for pain to thrive, and it literally keeps us from moving forward when it is time to let go.  A gifted Reiki practitioner can assist us in letting go on levels we are not aware of, like a therapy for your subconscious and spiritual self.  A am so thankful for the very gifted therapist at my place of business who has done wonderful work with me!

I do have to be honest – I slacked a bit on consistency with Reiki after giving it a solid go in the Spring.  But over those slacking months, my emotions were also in a stuck place and weren’t yet ready to move.  That’s the thing with Reiki – as with most any type of therapy, you have to be ready for it and be willing to partner with your therapist to see results.  I began regular Reiki treatments in March for my chronic pain, then in April a bunch of things got shaken up in my world, and it took several months for my attitude to be okay with the changes.  Coincidence?  I’m thinking not.  It seems when we open ourselves up to a treatment to help us change, move on, or move through any type of stuck pattern, we should not be surprised when our world gets shaken up a bit.  I took a break from Reiki while my attitude decided it wanted to stay in an unhappy place for awhile. 

As I started to accept and embrace the changes, I saw that these changes really were good for me, and it seemed to be confirmation that the Universe was giving me wonderful gifts despite my begrudging attitude at my inconvenience and things not happening the way I had planned or envisioned.  Then I noticed something else… I had not felt my back pain in quite some time!  It had been getting pretty bad there for awhile, and though the Reiki did provide some relief, it wasn’t going away entirely.  Somewhere in that span of time when I decided to catch the wave of change and ride it instead of fighting it, I also let go of my pain. 

reiki energy bodywork sessionWhen I went back to Reiki, I felt some amazing sensations during the session, which seemed to be getting deeper into areas I have felt were holding onto past pain.  I was told my energy is much smoother than it had been several months prior.  It was such a beautiful experience!  And as before, it seemed to stir things up again for awhile as things shift within me (this time internal, not with my external surroundings as had happened before).  And now I feel more in tune with what I’m feeling and experiencing, like I can tell we’re getting to some really good things. 

I know I’m not complete and done with Reiki, but as I was feeling some deeply held sadness over the holidays (that I still marvel can hide out within me for so long), it actually felt like I was reaching the bottom of it.  I was letting it out, letting it go, and replacing it with wonderful love and security now that I now feel so strongly. 

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massage therapist certified cupping therapistHeidi Aschenbrenner, LMBT, CCT, BCTMB, and Member AOBTA, is the owner of Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork specializing in Eastern bodywork therapies and the healing arts. Heidi and her team of bodywork therapists, a Reiki master, and a Certified Personal Trainer, all strive to achieve balance in each session through the use of energy work incorporated into their bodywork therapies and have all been trained in Eastern healing techniques and cupping therapy.  Renu also offers an infrared sauna from Sunlighten Saunas for deeper healing and detoxification after your session. For more information or to contact Heidi, please visit renumadison.com.