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Each therapist is excellent, but each has his or her own unique style.


Magdalena has a strong background in western science and a great grasp of kinesiology. She has lots of experience working with migraines and neck pain, and defaults to a medium pressure and enjoys using aromatherapy.
She excels at using extra light pressure for anyone with sensitive needs or medical conditions. Magdalena has many looks and styles as you’ll see from her various pictures!
Olga would be a great alternative.


Olga has a great mix of styles and defaults to a strong medium pressure. She is firm yet gentle and is not one to chit chat during her sessions. She is great with cupping therapy and clearing energy as part of her massage work.
Katie or Heidi would be great alternatives.


Katie’s style is primarily Swedish, and her default pressure is a strong medium – firm but not too deep . Katie is a favorite of many as she has a repertoire of wonderfully relaxing techniques. Katie can do cupping therapy if desired.
 Magdalena or Olga would be great alternates to choose from.


Heidi defaults to a firm pressure, and she does deep tissue massage but prefers to utilize cupping therapy whenever it seems to be more useful than that – which is often! Heidi incorporates acupressure into each massage and works with the energy in your meridians throughout each session.
Olga, Katie, or Jeff would be great alternatives – they all do cupping too!


Jeff has firm pressure and does deep tissue work. Jeff has also studied the John Barnes method of Myofascial Release and enjoys doing that kind of lighter work. His techniques are a mix of East and West, and he enjoys using cupping therapy.
Katie, Olga or Heidi would be great alternatives.

What kind of pressure do you prefer?

Light or very light – I am sensitive and sometimes get very sore after massage.

Light to medium – I want to just relax and not feel any of my trouble spots

Medium to Firm/Medium – not painful, but I want a good strong massage.

Very firm! I prefer working at my pain threshold through the tender areas because they need it!

How do you feel about alternative Eastern techniques like cupping?

I’m all for them! I love cupping & acupressure, and that’s why I chose Renu

I’m open and up for whatever technique or type of treatment my therapist think will be most effective.

Not a fan – I just want a massage.

Do you prefer a quiet environment during your massage? (No talking with therapist)

YES – I really need to decompress and don’t want to chat

I enjoy having a conversation with my therapist and hope that he or she will be responsive when I instigate.

It’s important to me that my therapist is either a member of the LGBTQ Community or has been closely involved with it.


It doesn’t matter to me

I want someone who has studied the John Barnes method of Myofascial Release.


It doesn’t matter to me

I want a therapist who is from Europe and brings a different cultural influence to the session.


It doesn’t matter to me


Each massage therapist and bodyworker at Renu is highly recommended – bios below:

Olga massage bodyworker cupping therapist

Meet Olga!

Strong & nurturing – Olga Andreeva gives spectacular relaxation massages using mixed styles that our clients just love. Her pressure is just right for many, and she is happy to adjust according to your preferences.

Olga is a Certified Cupping Therapist as well as a licensed massage therapist and incorporates cupping into many of her massage sessions. See how effective her combination of massage therapy and cupping therapy can be!



For deep tissue, Myofascial Release, or healing from injury – Jeff Dachauer loves combining Eastern and Western techniques to achieve great results. He excels at using deeper pressure and is also skilled at using lighter myofascial release techniques from John Barnes.

Jeff is trained in cupping therapy, GuaSha and acupressure in addition to many types of therapeutic massage.  He is an excellent massage therapist.



Meet Amanda!


For deep tissue with a slow, relaxing flowAmanda Timmers combines a blend of eastern and western modalities. She loves to do deep, specific work using cups or deep tissue, while maintaining a relaxing flow with Swedish, myofascial release, and acupressure. Amanda excels with longer sessions for full release and ultimate relaxation.



Meet Cy!

Client’s describe Cy Mattice’s massage as a conscientious smooth flow, with considerate painless relief & attentiveness. Myofascial techniques and addressing attachment points are effective approaches Cy likes to incorporate within a relaxing Swedish massage. Working with synergistic and antagonist pairs is also something Cy has found effective for my clients. Cy especially enjoys bringing awareness to progress and co-creating an individualized wellness plan with each client.



Meet Michelle!

Michelle Kohl began her journey as an energetic therapist in 1998 and has training in Reiki, Advanced Energetic Healing, and CranioSacral techniques. She has created a customized energetic healing service she calls Integrative Energetic Therapy. Integrative energetic therapy can either augment other therapies, or be a beneficial alternative for those who have difficulty tolerating modalities such as acupuncture, acupressure, or massage. See how it can help bring balance to you.




At Renu, we enjoy working with each other, and we look forward to working with you!


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