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“Cy is very good at what they do. I really appreciate their intention to create a safe space for massage. The small things really make a difference, keeping a hand on while walking to the other side of the table, or each foot as they walk around really helps me stay in my body and in the moment. It speaks volumes to their attention and awareness of potential anxiety or trauma experiences folks might have. As a queer woman with PTSD, this makes a world of difference and allows me to experience massage in a safe and affirming environment. I really appreciate it. Thank you!”


Amanda was great. She was friendly and gave a very nice massage as well as offered some pointers as to how I can help my body in certain areas. She had a professional demeanor and I hope to be back again soon.”


“I am an orthopedic physical therapist and I am highly critical of other body workers. I saw Olga on a whim because I was in great need of some of my own bodywork. She was great. She has highly skilled hands, did not talk too much, and was respectful of my requests and needs. I will recommend her to others and will likely return to her.”


“This might sound a bit out there, but I do feel like there is some kind of energy transfer happening during the sessions, and I feel rejuvenated usually about two days after the massage, on top of the immediate benefits of muscle relaxation that set in right away. My therapist is what I would call a “Geheimtipp” in my native German language, which translates into insider tip. But don’t worry, you (or Martha Stewart) won’t go to jail for this one.”

“My Spa Lovers – Deluxe Couples Package experience was great. The entire experience was great from parking to leaving the premises. Brian and Jeff were our service providers. The relaxing welcoming room to complete the paperwork to the checkout desk to pay for the services, all was great. Very clean, quiet, polite and attentive experience. Brian paid attention to the concerns I had with pain and stiffness, some chronic. We were very relaxed by the end of the appointment but we did not want to leave. This will be one of our ‘go to’ places for bodywork!”


“This was our first time getting massage. We didn’t quite know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised when we walked into Renu. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. As for the massages, I would say they were above and beyond what we imagined.”

~Jessica & Michael

“I was happy with Olga, it was really relaxing. I most definitely will visit you again. To be honest everything went really well, so I can’t think of anything that you or your team could change.”


“I am extremely happy. My last massage was about a month ago at Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge which cost twice as much and Renu was 100x better than the therapist there. My therapist explained everything in detail and asked the right questions before she started which I appreciated and she did such a good job I even fell asleep during my treatment. I was also impressed that my appointment was right after I finished a 420 mile bike ride across Iowa and I have not been sore at all since. I will definitely visit your business in the future.”


Olga was fantastic. I will be back again!”


“Yes, we were VERY happy with our massages and our therapists. We have been to several massage studios around the city, and Renu is definitely at or near the top. We’ll be back again and will recommend!”

“Awesome little hideaway for the perfect couples massage! Great prenatal massage with super comfy pillow!  Thanks!”
 ~Sarina, Chicago

“Renu has a very warm and inviting atmosphere even upon first walking in. The decor of the room I was in was healing and peaceful. The massage therapist, Heidi was fantastic, utilizing traditional massage techniques with cupping as well as acupressure points to enhance healing. Heidi was also very focused on my concerns and adjusted the session to fit accordingly. I would recommend Heidi and Renu.”
~Jessica Dufault, DPT, PT, ATC
Co-owner/Licensed Physical Therapist
Mindful Motion Physical Therapy, LLC

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