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Heidi Aschenbrenner

Owner and Former Cupping Therapist

Pronouns: She/Her

Heidi Aschenbrenner, the business owner, formerly specialized in cupping and bodywork servicesHeidi Board Certified Licensed Massage Bodywork Therapist and Certified Cupping Therapist to achieve permanent results from most chronic pain.

Heidi is unable to work as a cupping therapist due to a connective tissue disorder which affects her joints. Heidi recommends Olga or Brian for massage services if you have seen Heidi in the past and like her style.  Heidi loves her sessions with each of them!

Olga and Brian are both Certified Cupping Therapists, as Heidi was. Brian offers the most firm or deepest pressure that anyone could want, both with massage and with cupping therapy. Always feel free to ask for more or less pressure during your session.

Have you seen Heidi’s article on cupping therapy?  Great info!  Read on for benefits of abdominal cupping and facial rejuvenation cupping, two great but under-utilized services we offer at Renu. So effective!

Heidi moved to Madison in 2009 to start a new path and find her passion in life, and she has found it! Heidi enjoys combining Eastern and Western techniques and theories for a more comprehensive healing process that addresses each client as a whole being and not merely addressing specific symptoms.

Heidi recommends cupping therapy and has had much success in working with sciatica (with pregnancy or not), knee pain and meniscus injuries, shoulder pain, has improved range of motion limitations.

Heidi has a background in accounting, and owning a business in the healing arts has been a wonderful combination of her skills and her passions. She is licensed as a CPA and has an MBA from Cal Poly Pomona. Heidi is also a tax preparer, a recurring guest lecturer at East-West Healing Arts Institute for their business classes. In her spare time she teaches a few Jazzercise Dance Mixx or strength classes a week – her favorite exercise program since 1999!

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