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We are seeing clients again on a limited basis!

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Olga’s longest appointments are currently 60 minutes; 90 minutes may be scheduled with Rosalinda and Brian. 

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Be well, Madison! 

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Massage Therapy for Balance and Healing

6417 Normandy Lane, Suite 208  Madison, WI  53719

(608) 438-5342

Phone reception is available 7:30am to 5:30pm weekdays – please schedule online after these hours

We are LGBTQIA+ and Dementia friendly massage therapists & bodyworkers. We offer massage and bodywork techniques, acupressureenergy healing in Madison.

Do you know your therapist’s pronouns? We’re happy to answer any questions!

Massage oil and hot stones for therapeutic massage

We specialize in your customized massage experience and love to nurture couples with our couples packagesWith our combined training in both western science as well as Eastern techniques, we can effectively address issues that many people have resigned to live with needlessly. Visit Renu for a unique healing experience and see why we’re the best choice for your health and wellness goals. The massage therapists at Renu are skilled and attuned to your individual needs, focusing on achieving lasting results for your session goals.

Whether you prefer Swedish massage, Myofascial release, cupping therapy, or TuiNa – you’ll find each therapist has a mix of techniques to effectively address your massage therapy needs. Anything not working for you? Your therapist can adjust style and techniques to your requests. We want you to have the best possible massage in Madison, and we love to get your feedback so we can adjust our techniques to your preferred massage experience.

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Not sure what to get for special occasions?

The gift of relaxation and wellness is always the perfect gift!  They will love it.

We give customized attention to all singles & couples.


We use eco-friendly and natural products for all our services, and we all received training locally here in Madison, covering the spectrum of relaxation to more extensive and advanced therapeutic massage techniques.  We focus on healing and give you a spa-like environment to nurture you as you improve your health and wellness.


Please arrive 5 minutes early, 10 minutes if you are a new client. 

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Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork

6417 Normandy Lane, Suite 208  Madison, WI  53719

(608) 438-5342