Tis the season to be out in the yard. And it is oh so hard on our backs. For those of us with chronic joint issues like EDS, it can also destabilize the pelvis which then results in all kinds of other pain from hip to knee to feet. If you experience chronic pain, you […]

zen massage therapy with hot stones

At Renu, we love therapeutic massage to relieve chronic pain and keep everyone in good working order – that is our passion. But sometimes you want to feel pampered and have a spa experience. We’ve got you there too! Book a hot stone massage with Reneé and add on aromatherapy and/or a hot compress. I […]

Aromatherapy essential oil bottles, star anise, cinnamon sticks, oranges, nutmeg

Massage therapy is relaxing, but a lot of bodywork can also be invigorating. Even if you prefer the most relaxing session you can possibly achieve, you’ll be investing that restorative time into your wellbeing which will serve you at a later time. Let yourself enjoy those quiet moments so we can fully engage as things […]