Wellness Memberships

Wellness is a Commitment and a Priority, Not a Luxury

It’s Time to Commit to Yourself

massage-with-acupressure-on-scapula-renu-madisonInterested in regular massage or bodywork at discounted prices? We’ve got options!

We believe wellness is a priority, not a luxury. Join our Wellness Membership to invest in yourself – receive regular preventative health care at reduced rates.

Basic terms: Auto-pay for at least one session per month, and you get great prices with all upgrades included for as long as you want to continue. Recurring charges will be on the first of each month.

Purchase online today! Scroll past the gift certificates and packages.

Wellness Membership Options:

  • 60 minutes of Massage (plus any upgrades), or Integrative Energetic Therapy – $75 per month
  • 60 minutes of Massage (plus any upgrades) with an Infrared Sauna session – $105 per month   => Not available during the pandemic
  • 60 minutes of Cupping & Bodywork – $85 per month
  • 90 minutes of Massage (plus any upgrades) or Integrative Energetic Therapy  – $105 per month
  • 120 minutes of Massage (plus any upgrades) – $150 per month (Not all therapists are offering 120 minute sessions during the pandemic.)

“Upgrades” means hot stones, aromatherapy, or cupping therapy that is added to a massage session.

Interested? Your therapist can give you more details at your next appointment, and we can also set you up if you prefer. We look forward to partnering with you for better health!

Massage oil and hot stones for therapeutic massage

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