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Energy Work Can Help! Do you feel overwhelmed? Like you’re reacting more than directing each day? Do you wish you could recover more quickly from things that upset you? Do you feel lonely and disconnected? Anxiety and stress are so prevalent these days. So many things are vying for our attention, and it’s so hard […]


Why is Energy Healing Important for Your Basic Health?             The Human body is a wonder of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic components. All of these systems are intricately connected to each other in ways that are not fully understood yet. Since we are all energetic beings, our system being out of whack can affect […]

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Each of us is plagued with our own internal saboteurs, who once protected us during childhood, but now just get in the way of us feeling at ease. Finding your true inner wise voice takes time and practice, but it really is just as simple as noticing what your saboteur is up to, and choosing […]